Monday, February 21, 2011

An Expermiment.

So here it goes:

I am a twenty-something (soon to be a one year older twenty-something) living in between stages of life. I'm sarcastic and sassy. I am desperately trying to keep my rose colored glasses on. And I suppose am what many people call crafty-- when I was little I took tole painting classes. I've worked at several scrap booking stores and use to teach classes, but that feels like a life time ago. On top of that craftiness I just got a sewing machine this Christmas! I am a horrible cook, but this Christmas I did manage to make several different types of cookies while only cursing, I don't know... about ten million times. I dabble in domestication.

Here's my challenge, to myself:

As a twenty-something I don't exactly have a classic "domestic" agenda. I don't have a big family to cook for or a baby to make little nothings for. I have no husband to fatten up with treats. I do have a semi-scientist boyfriend, and a spoiled rotten senior Pomeranian, and a hoard of coworkers who are hard working Veterinarians and veterinary side kicks. So for one year (as a commitment) I will be doing something domestic or crafty every week.

That's right. Every week. For a year. 
 (I think I just had a mini-anxiety attack typing that. Deep breaths.)

I wanted to make a commitment to just cooking or just sewing or just scrapping-- but I just can't! Call it domestication attention deficit disorder: DADD. In any case domestication is all about being well rounded, right?

Now to keep repeating: 

It's not the destination, it's the journey that counts. 
(Yeah right, tell that to the person who lost all their luggage!)

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