Saturday, March 26, 2011

If you like Pina Coladas...

I did it! I busted my block! And of course I did it with cup cakes. What else in the entire world could be more reassuring than a cup cake?

What's better than just normal cup cakes? Cupcakes with little umbrellas on them.

I have to give all the credit in the world to this post and recipe from Glory Albin of Glorious Treats. Talk about fantastic! Nothing better than an outta-this-world cupcake with such summery undertones.

Now of course like any of my domestic endeavors I started this project at 9:00pm the night before it was due. I went to Fred Myers to get all my goodies after working an oh-you're-really-not-gonna-want-to-do-anything-after-this-11-hour-shift. Yes, I'm crazy... and yes, I procrastinate.

The occasion was, of course, my coworker's birthday. She wanted "anything but nuts" and then invited me to have drinks with her after work that day. So of course when I saw Gloria's recipe for Pina Colada cupcakes I was SOLD. If I couldn't go out and buy her a drink-- I was gonna make her a work appropriate one.

I was really pretty astonished at just how MASSIVE the amount of batter was. I had some serious doubts about my measuring skills once I saw this GIGANTIC bowl sitting on my counter. Seriously, did I accidentally switch one cup for five cups or something? 

When I finally put the first batch into the oven this was the time. I remember looking at it thinking, "Take a picture of that-- it's worth a thousand words... a thousand very, very tired words."

The recipe was amazingly easy to make, however, it made A TON of cupcakes. 36 cupcakes later is was nearly 1:00am. But lemme tell you... YUM!

I ended up making the frosting after the 2nd batch wen in, but I wish I would have waiting until the next morning so I could have had nice, pliable frosting after the cupcakes had cooled. In any case this frosting was probably the most amazing  thing I've ever tasted. EVER.

 The amazing cuteness of Pineapple cupcakes and cocounut cream cheese frosting, complete with mini umbrellas from Hobby Lobby:

And a very special thanks to this little drink, that allowed me the extra UMPH to finish these bad boys. 



  1. I had the pleasure of tasting these and they were UNBELEIVABLY SCRUMPTOUS!!!!!!! OMGOSHES!!!! Tom loved the ones you sent home for him as well...I am going to make these this coming week...CONGRATS my baby did a FABULOUS job on so good!
    LOVE spending the day with you...(that....was even better)....

  2. ARE YOU EVER going to blog again???????? LOL

  3. Happy Birthday Brindon!!! Hope you had a blast on your trip! Hugs from Oregon

  4. Are you ever going to post again?.....:o)